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Rize 2

Rize 2

Rize 2 had issued a nationwide recall in 2008 because it contained an undeclared ingredient that was deemed harmful. Although the product worked, the side effects were extremely dangerous. There are Rize 2 alternatives available. Rizer XL™ being on top of that list. Unlike Rize 2, Rizer XL™ is 100% natural with no side effects or dangerous chemicals to ingest. With the advances in herbal alternative medicines there is no longer a need for dangerous pharmaceutical formulas unless absolutely necessary.

Rize 2 pills had to be taken before intercourse unlike Rizer XL™, which is a once daily male enhancement pill. A once daily pill is better because it can be taken in the morning and will be active when you need it.

Anyone who has tried Rize 2 male enhancement pills should definitely try Rizer XL™. We have thousands of customers who came aboard and decided to give Rizer XL™ a try when Rize 2 was discontinued. The feedback we got is overwhelming.

Take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee and current promotions. Join thousands of satisfied customers and let us prove to you that Rizer XL™ is simply the best male enhancement pill available on the market today and the best Rize 2 alternative as well.

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